Antidumping Duties: the powder milk case

Junia Castro Bernardes de Rezende


This paper analyzes the implicit protectionism in use of antidumping duties, and how these duties are investigated and imposed by Brazilian authorities. The study is delimited to the analysis of the economic and juridical aspects of the processes SECEX-RJ-52500-023916/2005-13, followed by the Resolution 4, February 9th 2007 of the Foreign Commerce Chamber. This resolution states the decision of the Brazilian Authority to maintain the antidumping duties on milk power from New Zealand and the European Union after a Sunset Review. The main conclusions of this study reveal that antidumping duties are not a proper way of defending a country’s economy from unfair trade practices.


Antidumping; Power Milk; Europe; New Zealand; Brazil


Economic Analysis of Law Review  -  ISSN 2178-0587

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