Considerations about Crime Economics in Brazil: a 10-year research summary

Pery Francisco Assis Shikida


This article presents some conclusions on Brazil’s crime economics obtained by the results of ten years research compilation of both empirical and qualitative with inmates of several prison institutions of Paraná. It became clear that the criminals have migrated to illegal activities expecting that the gains would outweigh the risks with or without the influences of others. The perpetrators acted alone when the results of criminal served their own individual interests better of as well than collective action. Such conclusions, however, need to be considered within the sample space of the researches, which are criminals who were convicted for their actions. Therefore, since there may be people with particular socioeconomic profile, these conclusions apply only to those who were arrested and convicted, not of criminals in general.


Criminal Law; Prison System; Economics of Crime


Economic Analysis of Law Review  -  ISSN 2178-0587

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