Intellectual property: discrepancies between CDB and TRIPS, impacts on Brazil

Wilson Jesus Beserra Almeida, Antonio S. Hsiang, Marcia Wanderley Baião




This article aims to present the importance of the Agreement on Aspects of Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights - TRIPS, in the context of the main discussion that is its conflict with the Convention on Biological Diversity - CBD, of international law. It is necessary to make a brief history, from the beginning to the present, discussing the governing principles, the main effects of the agreement in developed and developing countries, particularly Brazil, and the internalization of the agreement on the Brazilian legal system, its application, the beginning , the effects and debates to understand the problem with the necessary necessary amplitude for the understanding of the subject.


Intellectual Property Law; Competitiveness; Developing countries; TRIPS and CDB.

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Economic Analysis of Law Review  -  ISSN 2178-0587

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