A Eficiência da Propriedade Privada: uma abordagem a partir dos efeitos da formalização da propriedade privada na Amazônia

Edgar Gastón Jacobs Flores Filho, Gerlis Prata Surlo


In this article we use the Sustainable Amazônia Plan, especially Law 11.952/2009, to demonstrate that the social norms are also important instruments in the transformation of the real estate properties into an asset. Moreover, focusing on sustainable development, we have demonstrated that the law (legal norms) can interact with these social norms to ensure the internalization of social costs of ownership. Unlike other theories that directly oppose formal and informal property, we try to demonstrate that a property right can be built by stages that consolidate the right through social norms, state recognition and finally, the official register. In short, this article offers a different perspective on property law in accordance with the modern Law & Economics and Social Norms perspective.


Law and Economics; Property; Normative analysis; Social norms; Law

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18836/2178-0587/ealr.v1n1p34-48

Economic Analysis of Law Review  -  ISSN 2178-0587

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