Racial Discrimination in Brazilian Football: Application of Club Responsibility


  • Karla Pinhel Ribeiro PPGD/UniCuritiba
  • Fernando Gustavo Knoerr PPGD/UniCuritiba
  • Lucas Ediney Barbosa UniCuritiba




This paper aims to address the problem of racial discrimination in Brazilian football and propose the application of responsibilities to clubs as a way to combat this issue. The importance of creating inclusive policies and awareness programs will be discussed, in
addition to punishing clubs in cases of discrimination. The text also highlights the need to create a reporting channel for cases of racial discrimination in football. Racial discrimination in Brazilian football is a recurring problem that needs to be faced. One of the ways to combat this problem is through the application of responsibilities to clubs. Clubs have a responsibility to create policies and programs for inclusion and diversity, as well as promoting education and awareness among their players, fans and staff. In addition, it is important that clubs are punished when there are cases of racial discrimination on their premises, such as, for example, through loss of points or even exclusion from competitions. The scope of the work, from a historical, social and legal analysis, is to understand the prejudiced barriers that surround the sport of football, on and off the pitch, relying on recent information from the Racial Observatory and also on its position in relation to the issues raised in the paper. Among the main points, the Historical
Context, Legislation, Civil Responsibility and application of Sports Responsibility stand out. The work concludes by highlighting the importance of clubs' responsibility in the fight against racial discrimination in Brazilian football.


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Author Biographies

Karla Pinhel Ribeiro, PPGD/UniCuritiba

Professora Permanente do Mestrado e Doutorado - UNICURITIBA – PR.

Fernando Gustavo Knoerr, PPGD/UniCuritiba

Professor Permanente do Mestrado e Doutorado - UNICURITIBA – PR.

Lucas Ediney Barbosa, UniCuritiba

Membro do grupo de pesquisa de Responsabilidade Civil Ambiental sob a perspectiva civil-constitucional, fomentado pelo Instituto Anima.