A indução da procura através da promoção da chance terapêutica DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18836/2178-0587/ealr.v2n2p352-403

Ricardo Reigada Pereira


This article comes from a reflection upon certain medical treatments applied to cancer patients. These treatments emphasize the lack of efficacy or the unnecessity for many of these treatments for certain conditions carcinogenic, concluding for the absence of any discernible effect on patients who are subjected to such procedures. A medical context such as this brings the discution anout the significant costs involved in these treatments. The prescription of these treatments needs to that extent to be confronted with the reasons that might explain the fact that they continue to be subject to medical recommendation, event though there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. It is precisely this contradiction and its causes that are addressed in this paper.    


indução da procura; economia da saúde; relação de agência; tratamentos médicos desnecessários; efeito discernível; ganho de chance; quimioterapia; cancro; variações de prática clínica

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18836/2178-0587/ealr.v2n2p352-403

Economic Analysis of Law Review  -  ISSN 2178-0587

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