The Anticorruption Act as Incentives To Agents


  • Antonio Carlos Vasconcellos Nóbrega Controladoria-Geral da União



The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the impacts of Federal Law 12.846/13, known as the Anticorruption Act, in the companies. The new law changed the liability focus of the companies that performs acts of corruption. Besides allowing the possibility to affect the properties of the companies, the strict liability and a large kind of conducts were established. Furthermore, the leniency agreement and the bases of an administrative procedure are present in the new law. Thus, this paper will identify the main elements brought by that law, which have the ability to change the behavior of companies subject to corruption. The studies will show whether the new incentive structure is enough to change the current evaluation of the cost / benefits of agents, in order to prevent, effectively, the practice of corruption.


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