The exhaustion of the European project: reflections on BREXIT


  • Yong Wang
  • Wilson Almeida
  • Yuri Ribeiro de Oliveira



This article aims to provide, without the goal to exhaust the matter - which is only in its beginning - a reflection on the set of factors that triggered the UK will to separate from the rest of the European Union, which had the mark called BREXIT, consistent in a vote that took place between the United Kingdom member countries (Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Wales) in order to get the will of the majority of its population. Historically, the union of the region with the block was something surrounded by controversy since it always was with a number of exceptions to the binding standards for other members, in what appeared to be an arrangement well suited to British interests. Given the relevance of the United Kingdom to the block and vice-versa, it is exceedingly important to identify what the outcome of the recent referendum on separation may mean. Because the implications are given over all segments of activity and directly affect the entire society worldwide with any direct or indirect relationship with the stakeholders, the option here is to restrict the analysis to trade issues. Given the theme is so recent, it was of great importance the analysis of articles written by journalists and experts in the European Union since the bibliography of great scholars about the matter still is in an embryonic stage.

Keywords: United Kingdom. European Union. Commerce. BREXIT. Effects.


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