Tactical action into sportive experience in Cuban High-Performance practice: psychological standing point of view

Laura Rojas Vidaurreta, Luisa Vidaurreta Lima


The analysis that we develop here reinforces the important role of psychological assessment of sportive training process in High-Performance level. Essentially, we defend the possibility of understanding the sportive space, using the Cuban experience of two study cases, as a complex dimension organized into the singular experience of its protagonists. Our argumentation aims to focus in the psychological interventional role in the organization and instrumentation of tactical preparation in female Basketball. The principal outcome of this proposal consists in achieve the articulation of Vidaurreta´s Tactical Parallel Training (1974-2014) with approaches that legitimize the understanding of human subjectivity, allowing to construct the proper tactical training as part of the specific and singular pedagogical preparation.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31501/rbpe.v8i1.9544