Quo Vadis Humanitas

Giorgio de Antoni


To recognize scientifically that humankind (as the expression “anthropocene” suggests) had a decisive role in determining the course of Earth’s history leads us not to give enough importance to the fact that the change has occurred by the specific initiative of a small part of the globe able to impose its own economic and political view. Nevertheless, the critics do not tackle the scientific data itself. At first, we will try to consider the contributions of some great contemporary historians and scientist over the limits that characterize each civilizational circle advancing the hypothesis that we are in the conclusion of the period inaugurated with the Modernity. Soo we will see how this hypothesis is shared by some great ancient traditions that base their knowledges on the sacred texts and millenarian experience. Finally, Bergson’s and Whitehead’s analysis will introduce us to the little-known problematic of evolution and, nevertheless, extremely important, to which visionaries like Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo will give a rational-spiritual view, showing, therefore, how science and mystics meet

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31501/repats.v1i1.9942