Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a caustic wound

Vitorino Modesto Santos, Mariely Fernanda Silva Helbingen, Larissa Di Villeneuve Caetano Pereira de Araújo, Filipe Emanuel Fonseca Menezes


A case of deep pedal wound by caustic soda treated with adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy and successful outcome is described in a 47-year-old man. The patient first searched for medical attention seven days after the accidental injury. With diagnosis of deep chemical wound caused by the strong alkali, he underwent debridement of cutaneous necrotic tissues, antibiotic therapy, and local wound care. The patient was also managed with 41 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which has been considered a useful procedure aiming the improvement of wound healing. The evolution of tissue granulation was unremarkable, with general good outcome. Despite of inherent weakness of a single case study, hyperbaric oxygen therapy might be an adjunctive tool for healing of chemical burns. Limitations for utilization include unavailability in small centers and its elevated cost.

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