Treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis with intralesional meglumine antimoniate at a primary care unit in Brazil

Maria Cristina de Oliveira Duque, José Jayme Quintão, Luciene Fernandes Gonçalves, Cléria Gomes, Hugo Leonardo de Almeida, Eunice Silva Silveira, Adriene Paiva Araújo Horta, Marcelo Rosandiski Lyra, Maria Inês Fernandes Pimentel, Érica de Camargo Ferreira e Vasconcellos, Maurício Naoto Saheki, Mauro Celio de Almeida Marzochi, Cláudia Maria Valete-Rosalino, Armando de Oliveira Schubach


Intralesional (IL) meglumine antimoniate (MA) is recommended for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) treatment. The lack of resources in primary health care units usually hinders monitoring of adverse events, handling of comorbidities, and use of second-line drugs. We report six CL patients treated with subcutaneous IL MA (due to contraindication or adverse effects to systemic MA) in a primary health care unit. The procedure was repeated every two weeks up to the epithelialization of the lesion. All treated lesions epithelialized. The only adverse effect was moderate local eczema. IL MA treatment seems to be a simple, efficient and safe therapy for CL.

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